Previous Fan Films

In the year that followed the release of Avatar a couple of Avatar fan films were created.


Avatar Fan Film 1: Our Only Home

There have been a couple of fan films made since Avatar film came out in December 2009.  The first of these was made in the summer of 2010.  It came about from a discussion on Avatar Forums regarding the need to look after the planet. It was suggested that instead of talking about it, why not actually do something about it.


Consequently over the course of four months a team of 20 people from 9 different countries from both Avatar Forums and the Tree of Souls fan forums worked across the internet to create what was thought to be the first collaborative Avatar Fan Film: Our Only Home.


The film was completed the day before the release of Avatar: Special Edition in the cinemas.  In the November of 2010 a mini meet up was held in Birmingham (UK) to see Avatar before it left the cinemas for good. On inquiring with the IMAX cinema there, it was asked if they would be willing to show the fan film prior to showing Avatar. Much to our amazement they said yes!


And so on 5th November 2010 our mini Avatar fan meet up was held and ‘Our Only Home’ was shown to an unsuspecting audience.  Now Avatar Fans can say they share something in common with James Cameron; both have had their film shown at an IMAX cinema! Here is that first fan film:

In addition, whilst this film was being made a two part ‘making of’ film was edited together: Part 1 and Part 2.  A You Tube Channel was set up and also the video published on iTunes.  One other aspect that came out of this group endevour was a free App for the iPhone/iPod and iPad which contained an environmentally related quiz as well as a copy of the fan film.


Avatar Fan Film 2: Irayo

As December 2010 approached it was a time of reflection for Avatar fans as we looked back on the past year since Avatar was released upon us! So the idea was hit on to capture that reflection and say irayo (thank you) to James Cameron and his team for what they gave us. The fan film team who made this numbered 14 and came from 6 different countries.  This film was released 1 year to the day that Avatar was released. The end result was this: