We will send them a message....

Lightstorm Entertainment will commence filming in September 2017 on the next four sequels in the Avatar franchise.  It has been an immensely long wait for the fans since the first film was released in 2009.  But on the eve of filming, we Avatar fans have an opportunity to 'send them a message'.  A video message of appreciation, support and encouragement.  Here's what we need to do.


First Part:

Video yourself answering the following questions, but film yourself as talking to someone to the side of the camera.  This it to make it look like you are being interviewed as are talking to someone about the film:


1.1  In one or two words describe Avatar.

1.2  In one sentence how did Avatar change your life?

1.3  In one sentence what does Avatar mean to you?


Second Part:

Video yourself answering the following question, but speak directly into the camera.  This is to make it look like you are talking directly to the film makers and you are!:


2.1  In one or two sentences what would you wish to say to everyone involved in the filming of the Avatar sequels?


If you want to give your response in Na'vi that would be great, but please provide a translation into English.


Third Part:

Next say the following words to camera:


3.1  "Kaltxì"

3.2  "Eywa ngahu frakrr"


See audio example below:

Irayo nìtxan for taking part.


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