Uploading Footage:

At the bottom of this page there is an 'upload box' that enables you to upload your footage.  This will upload to Mediafire, which is data storage service that will enable your video clips to be transferred.  I will be able to download the footage from there to piece together our fan film message. (For more info visit www.mediafire.com/)  What follows is a bit of guidance on file naming and uploading your clips.


File Naming:

In order to help with the editing it would be great if you could name your video files in the following way "XX_Name_YYY", where:


  • XX is the shot number, e.g 1.2 or 3.1, etc.
  • 'Name’ is, well, your name(!), which can be your forum or real name. Don’t mind.
  • YYY is a number or name that you can make up to identify each of your individual clips.  Example: '1.2_Alan_01.MP4'


Please be aware that some responses maybe edited to fit and keep the pace of our message film succinct.



Upload Information:

You can upload your footage using the file drop provided below.  The following steps should help you upload your footage:


  • Click on the 'Select Files' text in the upload box. This will open up an explorer window for you to navigate to your clips.
  • Select the clips you wish to upload and press 'OK'.
  • Finally press the 'Start to Upload' text and then wait until your upload is complete.
  • There is no need to let me know as MediaFire automatically notifies me. (But if you want to say hello, I don't mind!)


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the forums (Tree of Souls or LearnNa'vi).